Teaching Resilience through SEL

Resilience, Inc. provides comprehensive Social Emotional Learning curricula to schools. We've developed a program with over 30 topics and six content styles, for every grade K-12.

Social Emotional Learning

SEL is the process through which all people learn to manage emotions, achieve goals, maintain supportive relationships, and make compassionate decisions.


Just like physical strength, mental strength needs to be practiced and built with the guidance of others.


Emotional intelligence, often referred to as EQ, provides the ability to acknowledge one’s emotions while empathizing with others.


Mental and emotional resilience is now recognized as a skill that can be taught academically and developed throughout a lifetime.


The exercise of applying emotional intelligence knowledge through training is necessary to developing mental resilience.


In order to help students cultivate these skills, we’ve developed SELENA, or Social Emotion Learning Enhancement Application, that teaches the five core ideas of SEL: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Decision-Making.

These five ideas are broken into 50 topics that can be taught in any classroom.

SELENA is incredibly robust, with content for every grade from K-12, and translations in Spanish, Mandarin, and more. Each topic houses a lesson plan, video lesson, audio exercise, and One-to-One for every level. We also provide this program to parents, counselors, athletes, and anyone who has an interest in improving social-emotional skills.


The Five Core Ideas

Read a thorough description of the five central components of SEL and why they’re important.



The SELENA Program

Visit the Curriculum Outline to learn more about the topics and content styles within the program.



Why SEL?

Learn about the problems facing schools and how comprehensive SEL education is the solution.



Supporting Research

Not convinced? Learn about the growing body of evidence that points to the necessity teaching SEL.




Our Mission

Learn more about Resilience’s country-wide mission, and our current campaigns.





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