Our Mission

Many believe it is nearly impossible to solve the root problems within our education system.

Challenge accepted!

At Resilience Inc., we are dedicated to providing Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum to K12 students and faculty. Resilience Inc. believes SEL to be a key factor in solving the root problems of the modern education system, including school shootings, bullying, and in-school drug use. SEL is a systematic, institutional solution that provides children with self-awareness, motivation, empathy, and many other impactful life skills. In fact, test scores throughout the nation have measurably increased by teaching these skills.

We will keep going until SEL is taught, trained and tested at every school in the country.


  • Surpass 400 staff members and recruit 3 additional enterprise sized corporate sponsors.
  • Conduct outreach campaigns to provide the 20,000 US schools with emotional intelligence programs.
  • Develop results-oriented SEL for focused and underserved populations.