SEL is the process through which all young people and adults acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions and achieve personal and collective goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain supportive relationships, and make responsible and caring decisions.  In order to establish a formal, organized and structured approach to Social Emotional Learning, the topic has been broken into five categories:


Growth Mindset
Knowing and Noticing Your Own Emotions
Managing Anger and Other Tough Emotions
Facing Sadness
How Your Brain Works
State of Mind
Memory Focus
Identifying and Fulfilling Your Core Needs
Aiming for Personal Resilience
Self Talk
Capturing & Controlling Thoughts
Benefits of Gratitude
Recognizing & Avoiding Negativity
Embracing Change
Cutting Doubt & Fear to Pieces
The Math of Emotions (Balancing Positive and Negative)
Journaling Events & Emotions
Asking for Help


Relationship Management

Healthy vs Unhealthy Disagreements
Social Communication Skills
Identifying & Preventing Bullying
Dealing with Issues & Conflict
Seeking Compromise
Power of Forgiveness
Active Listening – Listen vs Wait to Talk
Be the Change – How to Change a Negative Conversation
Apologies – Giving & Accepting
Preventing and Repairing Harm
Blame vs. Responsibility
Spotting Hidden Emotions
The Foundations of a Relationship
Establishing Commonality
Establishing & Nurturing Relationships
Developing Social Awareness
Teamwork & Good vs. Great Teams
Practicing Empathy vs. Sympathy
Neurodiversity and Disability
Cultural Awareness and Respect
Building Community
Navigating Inequality and Unfairness

Social Awareness


Setting Goals & Discovering Inspiration
Problem Solving Techniques
Dealing with Peer Pressure
How to Prioritize
Facing Procrastination
Thinking Small = Thinking Big
Sleep, Rest, Diet, Exercise

Selena offers 6 Delivery Methods in order to enhance content retainment , boost engagement, diversify the learning experience and make learning fun.

PDF Lesson Plans

Designed for teachers, by teachers, students and researchers, tasked with helping to introduce vocabulary, concepts, exercises and a short quiz.

Each lesson plan has three activities, handouts, and a guide for Individualized Support.  Every lesson plan is accompanied by a ready-to-use PowerPoint.

Video Lessons​

Roughly five minutes in length, meant to entertain and educate, these lesson are available in 3 flavors: (1) Teacher Selfie Videos, in which the teacher is facing the camera, (2) Cartoon Videos in both 2-D and 3-D, and (3)  Live Action Videos, for watching real life scenarios. 

Audio Exercises​

From 60 to 90 seconds in length, these are educational snacks, not meals. When a student doesn’t have much time, and loves listening to music, SELENA works hard to adapt and accommodate to the student by providing content in quick, easily digestible methods.

Activity Guides

For each topic, there is an accompanying workbook that students can take home to practice their skills further. Workbooks are collections of reflective and thought-provoking guides for K-5. Activity Guides are group discussion and activity outlines intended for Middle School and High School. These enrich classroom instruction and help to build community among students.

One to One Exercises​

Designed for those who don’t prefer the classroom experience, One-to-One exercises quickly deliver content and offer ideas for practice.  These are brief conversational guides that can be used by a friend, counselor, parent, or teacher. These are part of Resilience’s commitment to a Multi-Tiered Support System and are perfect for students with specific needs within the classroom.

Educational VR Games

You will feel fear, and you will overcome it with SELENA VR! The educational game that requires you to exit the space station and walk the dangerous catwalk to the spaceship, as SELENA coaches you through the experience and helps you to face your fear—all while practicing self control methods proven to lead NASA astronauts through overwhelming situations.

Three Components to Each Lesson

SELENA consists of three elements: the educational component, training component, and testing component. Both pre-tests and post-tests help to determine whether practice improved a learner’s skill.


In between vocabulary and quizzes, students engage in games, independent learning, and group discussion. They’ll learn the definitions of each topic, why they’re important, and how the skills can be applied.


Each exercise is engaging, entertaining, and empowers the learner with experience. Lesson plans can be delivered in 10-15 minute increments, which enables the teaching staff to control the pace and depth of the training.


Both pre-tests and post-tests are important aspects of measuring whether outcomes have met learning objectives or not. Each module offers options for testing, and test results can be analyzed and reported. 

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