Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is necessary for everyone of all ages. Providing SEL training ensures that all children can manage their emotions, maintain healthy relationships and achieve personal goals. 

The FIVE CORE IDEAS are as follows:


Growth Mindset
Emotional Self-Awareness
Managing Anger and Other Tough Emotions
Facing Sadness
How Your Brain Works
State of Mind
Memory and Focus
Core Needs
Aiming for Personal Resilience
Self Talk
Capturing & Controlling Thoughts
Benefits of Gratitude
Recognizing & Avoiding Negativity
Embracing Change
Dismantling Doubt & Fear 
The Math of Emotions (Balancing Positive and Negative)
Journaling Events & Emotions
Asking for Help


Social Awareness

Emotional Self-Awareness
The Foundations of a Relationship
Establishing Connection
Establishing & Nurturing Relationships
Developing Social Awareness
Practicing Empathy
Neurodiversity and Disability
Cultural Awareness and Respect
Building Community
Navigating Inequality
Healthy vs Unhealthy Disagreements
Social Communication Skills
Identifying & Preventing Bullying
Dealing with Conflict
Seeking Compromise
Active Listening
Shifting a Negative Conversation to a Positive One
Apologies – Giving & Accepting
Repairing Relationships
Blame vs. Responsibility

Relationship Skills


Setting Goals & Discovering Inspiration
How to Reach Your Goals
Dealing with Peer Pressure
How to Prioritize
Facing Procrastination
Problem Solving Techniques
Sleep, Rest, Diet, Exercise

Selena offers 6 Delivery Methods in order to enhance content retention, boost engagement, and make learning fun.

PDF Lesson Plans

Designed for teachers to help introduce vocabulary and concepts. Short activities are included.

Each lesson plan has three activities, handouts, and a guide for Individualized Support.  Every lesson plan is accompanied by a ready-to-use PowerPoint.

Video Lessons​

Short video lessons meant to entertain and educate. These lesson are available in 3 formats:

(1) Animated Live Action Videos, (2) Cartoons in both 2-D and 3-D, and (3) Live Action Videos, for watching real life scenarios. 

Audio Exercises​

60 to 90 second meditation exercises that are easily accessible to students at home or in school during free time.

These are self-guided activities that can be used as needed. Teachers may also like to play these to start a class.

Activity Guides

For each topic, there is an accompanying activity guide or workbook. Teachers and students can utilize these at home or in the classroom.

Some are designed for individual use while other are intended for group discussion.

One to One Exercises​

These exercises are designed for students who thrive from one to one instruction. They are targeted to specific topics and include practice activities.

These are brief conversational guides that can be facilitated by a parent, teacher, counselor or an older student/sibling.

These exercises are part of Resilience’s commitment to a Multi-Tiered Support System and are perfect for students with specific needs.

Educational VR Game

Virtual reality games within Resilience are designed to help students develop emotional management skills. One of the games requires students to exit a space station and walk a dangerous catwalk to a spaceship.

SELENA coaches students through the experience and helps them practice managing anxiety. VR technology like this is effectively being used with NASA astronauts to train them for overwhelming situations.

Two Components to Each Lesson

SELENA consists of two elements: the educational component and the training component.


Students are introduced to social-emotional learning concepts. They are taught the vocabulary necessary for understanding each lesson. Students are also taught to communicate using the vocabulary in order to demonstrate self-awareness and awareness of others. The educational portion can be delivered by parents and/or school staff, as well as individually consumed by the student in their own time.


Students engage in games, independent learning, and group discussion to further understand why these social-emotional skills are important and how they can be applied in their daily lives and relationships. Lesson plans can be delivered in 10-15 minute increments, which enables teachers to control the pace and depth of the training.

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