One-to-Ones (MTSS)

In addition to providing this content in the form of PDF lesson plans, video lessons, and audio lessons, we also offer One-to-One exercises.

At Resilience, we understand that every student is unique in their learning style, and that some things are best taught in a One-to-One setting where a student can learn new information without classroom distraction. Students surrounded by distractions in a busy classroom environment may have difficulties understanding material and communicating in front of others, and some of our most vulnerable students may be resistant to engaging in a group or may have needs that require an in depth, individualized experience. The One-to-One exercises reach students who are unable to engage in a group learning environment.

Each One-to-One has specific guidance for a teacher, parent, or peer to facilitate the activities and conversation, depending on student need.

SELENA integrates with the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) at each tier of intervention. MTSS is the structure set out to schools for providing targeted academic, social, or behavioral interventions to students. When solely focused on academics, MTSS may sometimes be referred to as Response to Intervention (RTI). MTSS provides for a three-tiered model of intervention support to students, starting with Tier I- high quality instruction delivered to all students.

  • Tier I: SELENA’s class-wide modules target the 5 core competencies of Social Emotional Learning (self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationship skills, and responsible decision making), as well as SELect topics.
  • Tier II: Sometimes, students may have difficulty demonstrating these new skills they have learned and require more intensive instruction. Lessons can be reviewed, and Lesson Extensions can be utilized by the classroom teacher, interventionist, or guidance counselor at the MTSS Tier II level of targeted small group interventions.
  • Tier III: When progress monitoring data suggests that a student requires an intensive intervention, he or she is provided Tier III support. SELENA’s One-to-One guides are designed to target social emotional skill growth through individual instruction with the student.