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Volunteers Map

Kelly Kigar :

Kelly Kigar, PsyS. is a school psychologist with expertise in Social Emotional Learning and significant behavioral differences. Mrs. Kigar achieved her bachelor’s degree in Psychology in just three years from Bowling Green State University. She earned her master’s degree and specialist degree in School Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. She has gone on to complete her post-master’s certification in Applied Behavior Analysis. Mrs. Kigar facilitates trainings for adult learners including emotional regulation and crisis de-escalation. She has worked across settings to affect meaningful change for children and adolescents, including public and private schools,virtual schools, juvenile detention, and residential facilities. Mrs. Kigar has combined her passion for SEL with her strong background in assessment and intervention development while in her current role as Behavior Interventionist for students in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Most recently, Mrs. Kigar partnered with NFL football player, Chris Wormley, to create a wellness campaign targeting Social Emotional Learning and physical health. The Muscle and Mind Fit Challenge created a dialogue about mental health and wellness that was picked up across several media outlets and saw nationwide participation.

Robin Elliot :

Robin Elliott, Ed.D. is currently the Director of Sanford Programs at Long Island University in Brooklyn. In this role, she supports the training and implementation of Sanford Harmony Social Emotional Learning Program within schools and after school organizations in the Tri-State Region. Dr. Elliott provides weekly professional development sessions on Social Emotional Learning and strategies to increase cultural competencies for educators and youth development facilitators. Additionally, she is an adjunct professor in the Graduate School of Education at Touro College in Manhattan, New York. Dr. Elliott has over 26 years of teaching and administration experience in New York City and South Carolina. Prior to her position at Long Island University, she managed Sanford Programs at National University and Touro College. She was the founding Special Education Coordinator at Harbor Science and Arts Charter School in East Harlem, New York from 2003-2011. Her passion is supporting the emotional intelligence of educators, families and students, with an emphasis on those affected by poverty and adverse childhood experiences. Her most recent qualitative research titled Factors that influence the Retention of Urban, Hispanic Male Graduates is in publication.

  Sierra French :

 Sierra is a school teacher with experience working with high risk students who have a history of expulsion due to behavioral problems, which includes violence. She holds a masters degree in Secondary English Education, possesses a strong understanding of what causes youth violence, and what is needed to teach self-control, empathy, emotional intelligence, and social skills.


Maegan Griffin :

 Maegan is a technical writer with fourteen years of experience in research, writing, and managing confidential information. She is a proud mom and devoted wife who understands the importance of helping others. Maegan possesses a tremendous devotion to reading and writing. Her goals are to lead by example and improve the quality of life by developing educational tools which facilitate impactful experiences.


M. Lisa Shasteen :

 Lisa is a practicing attorney, co-founder and CEO of Shasteen & Percy, P.A. She previously served as General Counsel for an international investment and merchant bank focused on digital and technology companies with $3 billion under management and 17 offices worldwide. Lisa was also a member of the Board of Directors of the International institute of Communications based in London, England, with membership spanning over 150 countries. Lisa is a mentor to seven young adults and has personally and professionally applied Social Emotional Learning tools to improve the lives of others.


Madison Sasser :

 Madison is a pre-law student who is determined to create the change she wants to see in the world. Passionate about finding the solutions to the core problems that impact peoples daily lives, she is investing her time and efforts into improving education, promoting social-emotional learning, and empowering students with the resources they need to prosper in a competitive world.


Javier Garcia :

 Javier holds a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership, is a battle tested veteran, father of three with a passion for helping others. He serves at US Central Command (CENTCOM) for the US military and possesses strong leadership skills, analytical and problem-solving skills, a strong work ethic, and exceptional communication skills.


John Fay :

 John is a concerned parent who previously served as the Executive Director of the International CardiOncology Society of North America. He has twenty-five years of experience managing employees, developing and motivating teams, managing budgets and operations. He previously managed a seven million dollar retail organization, and has experience in non-profit, business to business, and business to consumer sectors. John is a strong advocate of Social Emotional Learning programs and is determined to see a program adopted by every school in the United States.


Diana Fay :

 Diana has fifteen years of business management experience, leading teams, managing budgets, and growing organizations. She is a mother of two and possesses a passion for improving education.


Richard Tubbs :

 Richard is a tech-minded individual with experience in the avionics & automotive fields, working with computer software, and computer hardware. Currently a student of Computer Science at St Pete College, his passion as a Software Engineer helps to develop high-quality interactive systems.


Paoli Rosario :

 Paoli is a research manager, currently exploring topics in sociology and English. She contributes content which directly impacts the foster care system and has a deep passion for bettering the program for the children currently in the system. 


Karina Herrera : 

 With a passion for reading, writing, and technology, Karina plans to develop apps and devices that will make literacy education more accessible to young people around the world. One of Karina’s greatest beliefs is that children are the future and this is what motivates her when researching and writing age-specific content. She has volunteered in programs such as the Promise Love Foundation, which aids in the adoption process and OASIS, which provides clothing to children and adolescents.

Volunteers with biographies to come.

Abigail Keane: Writing 1-1 Exercises

Adesola Orogade: Grant Writer

AJ Lain: Game Developer

Alexander Austin: Outreach Video

Alex Verdelus: Project Manager

Alexander Austin: Outreach Manager

Alexandra Koken: Project Manager

Alexis DiBlanda: Outreach Manager

Alexis Matejeck: Marketing Dept Director

Alfred Marroquin: Fundraising Manager

Alisha Priolo: Content Writer

Alpesh Yadav: Software Developer

Aman Jain: Writer

Amanda Lamadrid: Workbook Deployment Director

Amariah Novoa: Outreach Manager

Amber Gray: Writer

America Amezquita: Director of Human Resources

Anh-Linh Duong: Content Writer

Anh Nguyen: Financial Analyst

Anna Pawlusiak: Content Writer

Annie Wang: Finance Intern

Anyas Kellermann: Copy Writer

Apata Navya Siri (Sai): Director of Strategy & Planning

April Ulrich: Human Resources Manager

Ariana Kayden: Lead Editor

Ariella Guerrero: Spanish Curriculum Manager

Ashly Cobos: Content Writer

Ben Yoshia: Financial Analyst

Bhavana Madhu: Social Media Manager

Bilal Amodu: Content Writer

Bing Zhang: Public Relations Associate

Blake Morrison: IT – Website Developer

Brandon Dezha: Compliance Dept. Manger & Grant Writer

Breeann Caldwell: School Outreach Manager

Brenna Nipper: Writer

Brianna Detamore: Grant Writer

Brianna Nogueira: Recruiting Manager

Brian Robles: Director of Human Resources

Bridget Zebell: Graphic Designer

Bruna Armstrong: Art Manager

Caleb Edney: Outreach Manager

Carlos Saracoo: Content Writer

Carson Roderick: Outreach Manager

Cashane Roberts: Social Media Manager

Celiana Padilla: Curriculum Development

Charvi Sunkara: Content Writer

Chelsea Charles: Content Writer

Christopher Ogden: Director of Marketing & Advertising

Chyanne Eaton: Writer

Colin Hill: Project Manager

Connice Trimmingham: IT/Finance

Daniel Nardo: Finance & Accounting Analyst

Daniel Nunez: Application Developer

Danielle Johnson: Copy Writer

Danielle Smith: Director of IT

Danna Meijia: Spanish Department Supervisor

Danyah Toubeh: Arabic Translator

Daphney Perceval: Outreach Manager

Darshan Vala: IT Generalist

Davia Outlaw: HR/Finance

David Chen: Software Developer

Deep Khambhayata: Database Management

Deepesh Gupta: Data Analyst

Delaney Berens: Video Editor

Destiny Garraus: Project Manager

Dhruvidi Patel: Outreach Manager

Dillon Beal: Data Analyst

Dinal Gunawardena: IT Generalist

Disha: Mobile Application Developer

Droe Ohanian: Grant Writer

EJ Cason: School Outreach Manager

Eliana Bello: Writer

Emily Herrera: BOA Liaison

Emma Allen: Content Writer

Ena Salkicic: Content Writer

Eshatva Mithal: Web Developer

Eunice Daphne: SELENA App Developer

Fabia Bataglim: Content Writer – Spanish

Fareed Siddiqui: Research & Development

Fernanda Tio: Copy Writer

Francesca Anthony: Graphic Designer

Gabby Sou Sou: School Outreach Manager

Gabriel Laverghetta: PC Game Developer

Gabrielle Yaworsky-Reeder: Writer

Galilee Samson: Intern

Giancarlo: Training Team Manager

Gil Olenscki Neto: Portuguese Curriculum Manager

Grace Blyth: Content Writer

Graciela Bartoli: Director of Marketing & Advertising

Gustavo Olenscki: Virtual Reality Development Manager

Hana Alogaili: Arabic Translator

Hana Altuwayjiri: Arabic Translator

Hana Hussain: Content Writer

Hannah Ponder: Outreach Manager

Hawraa Al Qassab: Arabic Translator

Isabella Simone: Celebrity Outreach Manager

Jack Simon: Intern

Jack Yang: Virtual Reality Development Manager

Jacqueline Hines: Copy Writer

Jacquelyn Vaughan: School Outreach Director

Jasmine Dinson: Co-director of Finance & Accounting

Jasmine Rihane: Intern

Jazmin Johnson: IT Generalist

Jill Jariwala: Writer

Joao Luccas Ribeiro Nascimento: Portuguese Translator

Johnatha Teav: IT Generalist

Jose Boluarte: Curriculum Development – Spanish

Joseph Ours: Copy Writer

Jossy Beth Munoz: Game Developer

Juan Pablo Idrovo: Spanish Translator & Application Developer

Juan Rivera: Unity Development Advisor

Juliana Freire: Content Writer – Portuguese

Julie Chappell: Director of Curriculum Development

Junlin Chen: Video Production Manager

Kai Ashford: Content Writer

Karen Gonzalez-Videla: School Outreach Director

Katie Claire: Writer

Kaitlyn Murray: Copy Writer

Keayah Pittman: Crowd Funding Manager

Ketsia Mbaku: SELENA App Developer

Khalil Bensammoud: Arabic Translator

Kim Castillo: Outreach Manager

Laila Shulz: Content Writer

Lam Kuntacha: Web Developer/Designer

Lauryn Hill: Content Writer

Lesly Hernandez: Social Media Manager

Liam James: Information Technology – Documentatin & Cybersecurity

Lindsay Lopez: School Outreach Manager

Linh Huynh: Recruiting Manager

Liz Baranowicz: Social Media Manager

Livia Quartieri: Italian Translator

Lucas Rendell: Virtual Reality Game Developer

Luis Scribani: Outreach Manager

Maggie Yuen: Mandarin Curriculum Manager

Makayla Hodges: Customer Service Dept Manager & Writer

Marc Cherestal: Human Resources Manager

Maria Belen Fraija: Spanish Curriculum Manager

Mariam Simityan: Application Developer

Mariangelica Garcia Bello: Graphic Designer

Martin Williams: Cybersecurity Specialist

Mary Pratico: Celebrity Outreach Manager

Matthew Signore: Mobile App Developer

Matthew Skelton: PC Game Developer

Megha Patel: IT Generalist

Meghana Nelluri: Copy Writer

Melissa Laliotis: Content Writer

Michael Zuckerman: Musical Content Manager

Michelle Brooks: Public Relations Associate

Michelle Roman: Graphic Designer

Morzan Mahbub: Content Writer

Nahid Afroz: Project Manager

Namuuntuul Bat-Erdene: Software Developer

Natalie Panzo: Volunteer with biography soon to come.

Natcha Sriprapaporn: Data collection analyst

Nerissa Louis: Content Writer

Ngoc Nyugen: IT Generalist

Nhat Quang Le: Project Manager

Nichelle Long: Recruiting Manager & Content Writer

Nicholas Gallo: Digital Marketing/Social Media

Nicholas Hand: Writer

Nicholas Lindaman: Video Editor

Nicholas Gallo: Social Media Manager

Nicole Kim: Senior Grant Writer/Co-Director

Nidhi Bangalore: Writer

Nikitha Reddy: SELENA App Developer

Nyqueen Woodard: Website/App Developer

Oanh Le: IT Generalist

Pat Vaidos: Research and Development

Patrick Duffany: IT Generalist

Paula Stefanie: Recruiting Manager

Phoenix Macaranas: Graphic Designer

Phuong Nguyen: Data Analytics Manager

Prabhav Rajgarhia: Finance & Accounting Intern

Preston Mann: Virtual Reality Game Development Educator

Priya Patel: IT Generalist

Rachel Muralitharan: Project Manager

Rahul Raj: Data Analytics Manager

Raj Ahluwalia: Director of Strategy & Planning

Raven Glerum: Project Manager

Reid Harris: Artificial Intelligence Research & Development Manager

Richard Farren: Finance and Accounting Intern

Richard Kim: Director of Research & Development

Rishe Gray: Project Manager

Romar Wallen: Internal Business Analytics

Ruchit Shah: Data Analyst

Ryan Cai: Application Developer

Sabrina Thirunayagam: Google Ads Manager

Samantha Hooker: Strategy & Planning

Sammie Novak: Social Media Manager

Samruddhi Shinde: Content Writer

Sandeep Danny: Software Developer

Sarah Shihadeh: Grant Manager/Accounting Intern

Saskia Larsen: Training Videos voice Actor – Audio Exercises

Saurav Singh: Software Developer

Savannah Georgian: Director of Self-Governance & Compliance

Seshani Thirunayagam: Domain Admin

Shailini: Web Developer

Shari Sahadath: Content Writer

Shawn Mishra: IT Generalist

Simran Bajaj: Accounting Manager

Spriha Gupta: Director of Research & Development

Sree Poojitha: Outreach Manager

Tanvi Bekal: Data Analytics Manager\

Tejas Madappa: Software Developer

Telma Morrison: Content Writer

Thais Pasquini: Marketing & Communications Specialist

Thi Vo: IT Generalist

T’Kiyah Johnson: Content Writer

Tom Zheng: SELENA App Development Manager

Tulsi Patel: Director of Customer Service

Tresa Buquicchio: Director of Outreach

Tyler Parks: Web Application Software Engineer

Vada Thrasher: Art Director

Vaishnavi Joginipalli: Web Developer

Wendy Wang: Researcher

Xingying Li(Stella): Mandarin Translator

Xinyu Kang: Mandarin Translator

Xinyuan Liu: SELENA Application Developer

Yashaswi Kavadapu: Web Developer

Yaquan Wang (Rebecca): Content Translator & Researcher

Yves Kenzo Ikuno: Financial Analysis

Zainab Sunny: Project Manager

Zeesha Hyder: Outreach Manager

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