What is Self-Management?

Self management is an essential skill when it comes to maintaining healthy levels of motivation, impulse control, and stress. Instead of procrastinating and indulging in unhealthy habits for instant gratification. self management allows one to control their behavior for long-term benefits- such as achieving goals and maintaining healthy habits.

Characteristics of self management including establishing a daily routine, setting deadlines for achieving goals step by step, and keeping track of responsibilities and deadlines.

Teaching Self-Management

One method of teaching effective self management skills is developing a self-management plan. This involves several steps and collaboration with others. As you will identify problem behaviors and create a reinforcement schedule that allows you to track your progress on overcoming those behaviors and establishing good habits. By employing self management strategies in a student’s daily routine, the student’s independence will improve. They will be able to evaluate their own behavior and engage in self-evaluation and self-reinforcement. “The power of self management is its emphasis on building a feeling of control over one’s own behavior. Attempts to control a student’s behavior often decreases the power of a reinforcer. This makes the self management plan less efficient and problem behavior more likely to occur.” (1)

By allowing the student to take control over their own self-management plan, they will begin to exhibit the behavior they are aspiring towards and will help them achieve their goals in the future. Mastering self-management allows one to control their responses to different situations. Working towards self management will improve one’s adaptability and self-control. This is important when it comes to setting and working towards goals. Self management will give you the discipline, organization, and motivation to maintain your productivity.  In addition, self management will allow one to both design a productive plan of action for their goals and meet each deadline for the steps they’ve outlined.


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