Resilience Inc has developed Sali, a personal low-cost water desalinator, to combat water scarcity and educate kids on the importance of problem resolution. Sali is a desalination tank that produces freshwater via the evaporation of saltwater. This revolutionary device can be used in every home in water-scarce regions. With Sali, the barrier to drinkable water will be significantly lower.

Sali was designed to address two objectives: an educational tool for schools, families, and community programs and provide an individualistic approach to water desalination. We want Sali to serve communities where drinking water is too expensive to purchase while encouraging kids to be part of the solution.

Schools and families can purchase Sali as a kit or be fully assembled by our volunteers. Sali is an educational opportunity for kids to learn problem-solving skills and understand the importance of community while addressing real-world problems.

When freshwater becomes too expensive to be supplied to houses, people will utilize Sali within their location (such as coastal regions) or buy saltwater and desalinate it in their backyards with our product. Scope-wise, the project should be a popular product in the backyards of family homes. Furthermore, Sali should also be distributed to schools and communities in impoverished water-scarce regions to help combat water scarcity issues in addition to education.

This year, our goals are to develop a lighter and less expensive version of Sali and pitch the idea to Shark Tank. In theory, at 31”x12”24”, the tank can process 12 gallons of saltwater at a time. Our design includes four faucets, two latches, and one air valve to facilitate this process. At the back end, we have a door for easy access to the interior of the tank. At Resilience Inc, we believe in setting kids up for success through education and opportunities to prosper in their schools and communities.