One to One

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We are committed to making a difference in the lives of individuals as we work to ensure Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is taught, trained, and tested at every school in the country. Our program, SELENA (Social Emotional Learning Enhancement Application), is comprised of sixty-five brief lessons designed to target the CASEL core competencies. In addition to providing this content in the form of PDF lesson plans, video lessons, and audio lessons, we also offer One to One exercises.

Why One to One exercises?

one-to-one exercise

At Resilience, we understand that every student is unique in their learning style, and that some things are best taught in a One to One setting where a student can learn new information without classroom distraction. Students surrounded by distractions in a busy classroom environment may have difficulties understanding material and communicating in front of others, and some of our most vulnerable students may be resistant to engaging in a group or may have needs that require an in depth, individualized experience. The One to One exercises are meant to reach the very students who do not wish to or are unable to engage in a group learning environment.


One to One exercises are designed to help students who may need more time and interaction with the lesson plan material. The One to One exercises have been developed to empower students to take control of their learning and communicate their needs as they understand concepts at their own pace. The exercises also enable teachers, counselors, or parents to track and measure a student’s progress and mastery of SEL concepts without the additional training. The exercises provide students with an opportunity to practice the skills that are covered in other PDF lessons, video lessons, audio exercises and other SEL delivery methods.