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Core Topics – Summary


Self-Awareness: While the phrase “know thyself” may easily be invoked to satisfy defining self-awareness, it omits important scaffolding needed to reach the summits of confidence and meaning. Such as the following: aspirations of career orientated goals; building a central brand of self-confidence; being an exemplar within your community in helping others reach similar goals. In the words of Simon Sinek:
“Constant reflections on WHY this thing I did had meaningful impact informs your own personal growth trajectory.”
In essence: learning to have long lasting introspective growth, rather than the quick high of an introspective burn.
Promoting Self-Awareness
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Self-management: Contrary to more accustomed psychologist accounts which renders acts of self-management as simple barometers to our self-control. It is more helpfully understood as our internal governance, which directs our life choices. As such, self-management should never be only self-affirming, but rather it is like a team of rivals that better inform your decision making and allows you to step out from under from the shadow of your own self-image. As brilliantly put by neuro-scientist David Eagleman:
“We should never say our code of conduct is monolithic/immutable when acted on. Rather, the whole question of defining our personal responsibilities is not determined by a moment of laxity in self-control. Instead, we need to understand that our brains function better for decision making when we consider it as a team of rivals with competing drives that informs our standards in channeling what Lincoln did for tempering decisions in listening to all rival voices which grants us personal growth by leaving the echo of the cave of conformational bias. Hence, the question is; do they have the confidence of mind to utilize their team of rivals in correcting themselves in redirecting their decision making?”


Social-awareness: To empathize with others and to better understand where they are coming from is more than merely running through the moralizing hypothetical of “walking a mile in their shoes.” Rather, it is having a clear compassion to understand others as part of a wider communion. Even if they may have nothing in common with
you, they nonetheless share life affirming aspirations. After all, they are fallible mortals too. In addition, cultural understanding goes beyond prescriptive accounts. That is, living in each moment of collaboration as if it’s your last. True social-awareness brings out inner motivational drives to enrich your awareness of through others meandering walks of life.
Social-Awareness Promoting
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Relationship Skills

Relationship skills: Eloquence of speech is said to be worth more than one’s best painted picture, which as the adage goes: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Hence, keeping your cordial talks crystal clear and free from foggy meaning will not only strengthen collaborations, but it will also serve as the first step to affirming the confidence of such relations. In addition, you will find when growing healthy long term relationships this adage to be a cornerstone: “brevity is the soul of wit.” Keep things clear and to the point in order to keep fluid talks and also to respect their time. Moreover, one has to be like a captain of a ship at sea when navigating more perilous waters of office negotiations/consoling someone in emotional distress and other more tricky conversations that will require your utmost tact. Learning such etiquette will help you to avoid the shoals of disastrous inappropriate behaviors which may jeopardize relations. Lastly, in order to build relations for the long term you must be willing to establish a foothold of confidence in reassurance in asking for help cordially.

Responsible Decision Making

Responsible decision making: Last, but certainly not least of all, you must guide yourself in decision making judiciously and as illuminatingly as the North Star did for captains of old. That means you must be capable to let all your decisions shine! Also, when collaborating with other able-minded responsible individuals, it pays to be conduit of confidence of ethical standards. Being always cognizant of norms and differing cultural perspectives as they intersect your own.
Promoting Decision Making
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Goal Setting

Goal Setting: To walk a road without a vision of where to go can be rather frightening. While the final destination can change from time to time, it is critical to create short-term plans that can lead to long term visions. The process of creating these plans in hopes of accomplishing them will help people be organized with the road they take. Instead of constantly questioning or doubting on which turn to take once they are there, they would already have an idea of which turn would be best for them and their vision in life. Having this general idea of which way life would head towards lets people not waste their time on tasks and events that would not benefit them nor even make them happy. True goal setting will keep people motivated on their path in life. Regardless of the bumps and challenges people are bound to encounter, having that plan and knowledge of where they want to go and what they want to do will inspire them to keep working harder in order to achieve those milestones in life.