Month May 2020

Learning profiles in SEL

 Picture this, here’s Johnny; he loves to watch TV dramas and finds that he cannot be motivated to learn unless he is shown captivating imagery. The teacher to which he is assigned, however, is dismissive towards visual based learning stimuli.…

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Apple Siri


Siri, how does one define artificial intelligence? Siri: Artificial intelligence is the ability for computers to access like speech recognition, learning, and problem solving, but also how machine learning can one day anticipate the physical as well as emotional needs…

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Mindfulness in curriculum

Educational curriculum development in recent years tells us how needed renewed emphasis on mindfulness practices such as meditating can curtail depression and other social ills. In so doing, people across the country can and will experience a wellspring of positive…

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ethics in AI

Ethical AI, imperative for SEL?

Patrick Levy-Rosenthal founded Emoshape (a groundbreaking, first discovery in which emotional processing chips were used to synthesize emotions) while further building on an old and oxymoronic sounding idea of emotional AI. Emotional AI is a term that collectively refers to…

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